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About Us

Our company has been providing individual training and consulting (risk consulting and modeling) services since 2011. Representatives of the company have been working in the banking and non-banking sectors in these areas for many years.

Our services

  • 01 Scoring department

    - Data collection, cleaning, processing and analysis with the help of SQL;
    - segmentation of loans using various statistical methods and algorithms based on the information obtained;
    - We use the clusters obtained as a result of segmentation in modeling and provide services for the preparation of different scoring cards for each cluster.

  • - Modeling according to IFRS 9 (IFRS 9) using customer data and thus calculating their GKZ (Expected Credit Losses);
    - Stress testing of banks, study of how the economic crisis will affect banks with the help of simulations;

  • - Optimizing database manipulation using Python and Oracle;
    - Providing web interface development services for business and banking.



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Kamil Alasgarov

Chief Analyst

Gulnar Qadirova


Firuza Aslanova


Abdul Quliyev


Hikmat Pirmammadov


Ruqiyya Badirova


Elshan Kazim


Contact us


Gulustan Residence 2/2 62 Bulbul ave.

Phone number

+994 50 209 15 62